Knowing Kat…

What’s to know about Kat Bastion?  Hmmmm… Well, I’m a recovering Type-A business mind, and I’ve been searching for a creative outlet for years.

Painting?  All the tubes of paint sit unopened in the closet…
Drawing?  Each colored pencil and charcoal has the sharpest point…

An injury laid me up for a while back in 2010 and, after reading my 20th romance novel, lightning struck me with a story idea.  I started writing.  By hand. With a pen… in a notebook… or three. 105,000 words and two months later, I had my first paranormal romance manuscript.  Wow.  Then, I learned all about making the story better; deep POV; multi-media presence; Agents, Editors, and Submissions… Oh. My.

Two years later, I’ve drafted three full-length novels, have requests from editors of major publishing houses for the full manuscripts once my re-writes are finished, and won several awards for my WIP (work in progress.)

Random things about me…
I love my…
chocolate…rich and dark.
music…edgy and soul-filling.
vacations…exotic with my toes dug into the sand.

And… the most important part…
I’m happily married to the man of my dreams…my alpha male.

Follow me on Kat’s Connections to get to know me a little better…

p.s. ~ “his and hers” shoes in my header pic? Mine & Mr. Kat Bastion’s.
And, yes, no shoes sizes were altered in the filming of that picture. ;)

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