Blame It On The Moon

Blame It On The Moon

© 2012 by Kat Bastion

Black velvet sky ablaze with stars,

Truly blooms the love of ours.

A smile lights up a stolen glance,

Lovers blessed to have the chance.

Snowy egrets take to flight,

The pair on wing into the night.

We dash away to take our time,

A feathered touch, so sublime.

Thermal currents make me soar,

Waves crash down upon the shore.

I hold you close, floating high,

From every gasp and trembled sigh.

When sleep claims us way too soon…

                   … I blame it on the moon.

© 2012 by Kat Bastion

delicately delectable

Deidre, this is so brilliant. You color our world beautiful. :)

Kat Bastion

The Red Velvet Chair

I hear your keys unlock the door
just home from work
your briefcase lands
on the floor
and I,
I am waiting for you.
You find me sitting at the counter
my back to you
wearing only your white dress shirt
not looking up,
stilled, imbued
with a sense of desire.
Walking slowly through the room
behind me you stand
brushing my hair to one side
to lean in and whisper,
in me you confide.
Featherlight kisses behind my ear
your arms surround
entrapping me,
making promises
I know you’ll keep.
A hunger is there
felt in your touch
heard on your breath
and I,
I turn to see
to look in your eyes.
I hold in my hand a ruby red fruit,
a ripe raspberry
brought to my mouth
to burst inside.
And you,
you reach around
there’s warm chocolate there
dark, delectable
to dip your…

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Seven smiles

You’ve taken my breath away again, Diedre. {smiles a Number Six} #PureJoy

The Red Velvet Chair

Smile Number One
can make anyone
come undone
a bright megawatt
showing pearly whites
let’s the world know
you are in control.
Smile Number Two
is shy yet
your eyes peek out
from under long lashes
giving a glimpse
hidden passions.
Smile Number Three
you’re laughing now
wide open smile
head thrown back
crinkled eyes
in for a laugh attack.
Smile Number Four
is very sly, a smirk
one upturned corner
mischievous grin
subject to guessing
about what trouble you’re in.
Smile Number Five
is the polite you
expressing gratitude
but only half felt
as your mind is wandering
to someone else.
Smile Number Six
is pure joy
radiant glow
a goofy grin
to the world you show.
Smile Number Seven
is your invitation
to heaven
knowledge of two
and what can come true.
So smile your smiles
for the world to see
but save Smile Number Seven
just for…

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Heaven… Found

Heaven… Found.

© 2012 by Kat Bastion

I settle into the moment.

Time stalls.

The world… falls away.

I nestle closer.

Lips… nuzzle.

Pulse… thrums.

Musky scent… intoxicating.

Salty taste… captivating.

Strong arms embrace.

I sigh.

Warmth spreads.

Silence reigns.

A moment… forever captured.




I am… unbound.

Heaven… found.

© 2012 by Kat Bastion