The Lure of the Great Alpha Male

The Lure of the Great Alpha Male

© 2012 by Kat Bastion

We all want him.  Not just any alpha male.  
We all want the Great Alpha Male.

The Alpha Male…

An alpha doesn’t walk into a room.  He commands it.  Without effort, he could defeat every male there.  The intangible vibe pouring off those broad shoulders announces the danger louder than a bull horn.  Every other wise man in the room heeds the warning.

Every single woman responds to the dominant presence.  Instinctually.

Something primal takes over.

Our hair gets fluffed without thought.

Perfectly glossed lips get licked.

Shirts are pulled down lower, chests stuck out further, hips swayed another degree right and left in an unconscious effort to gain the spectacular male’s notice.

The mating dance has begun. 
He surveys the group of potential females. 

Each woman hopes for a chance to be the one…
The female above all others that he has chosen.

We’ve already chosen him, even if our stubborn mind puts up a valiant fight.  Our body overrides reason.  We are biologically programmed to choose virility.  We seek protection from the one most able to provide. 

Sound animalistic? {smiles slowly}
Oh, yes.  Most definitely.

A glance comes our way… devastating.

The voice… deep and soul-penetrating.

Those eyes… demanding.

Our breath quickens. 

Our pulse races.

We swallow hard, our throat suddenly Sahara dry.

Logic steps in, creating a tug-of-war with our bodies and minds.  We shake our heads, clearing lustful thoughts.  Will-power soon falters, our gaze traveling back to the object of desire.

Every action is geared toward the heart-pounding hunt.  It’s one thing to find him.  Quite another to ensnare the specimen alpha male.

The alpha male, may dally with many females, but chooses only one as his mate.  Someone worthy of everything he has to offer.  A powerful woman… is his counterpart.

When the two meet, it is in every way, a collision.
The dance continues, and, yet, has only just begun.





No matter the strength of his female…
the alpha male must overpower her to have her. 

By choosing him, she agrees to be owned by him…
whether she realizes it or not.

The Great Alpha Male…

If we’re lucky, we haven’t found just any alpha male.
The rare few capture the Great Alpha Male. 
The one that is innately alpha… and so much more.

When the larger than life man falls to his knees…

When the man who can conquer legions yields to a woman…

When he rips his chest wide open, handing her his very heart…

That incredibly lucky woman has found…

… the Great Alpha Male.

Romance is filled with larger than life Great Alpha Males. 
The Highlands are filled with them… in reality and our fictional worlds. 
Hence, my unending love for Highlanders. 

Who is my favorite Great Alpha Male?
So far, it would have to be Jericho Barrons. 
He may not be a Highlander, but damn, what a Great Alpha Male.
And… he was part Pict, after all.

Who is your favorite Great Alpha Male?

Your Favorite Shoe,


© 2012 by Kat Bastion

47 thoughts on “The Lure of the Great Alpha Male

  1. Jericho Barrons was fantastic – but my heart still belongs to Curran =)


  2. Tamie says:

    O…mine are Jerricho, Gabriel Emerson, Christian Grey, and Gideon Cross…Mmmhmmm


  3. Tamie says:

    Yup *happy sigh* I did a post once where I talked about my love of literary Alpha males 🙂 O…I love this post of yours so much I’ve decided to reblog it tomorrow morning and leave it up for most of the day.


  4. Oh, wonderful post! 😀 I think you captured the Great Alpha Male so perfectly, you had me craning my neck, hoping to see HIM walk into my room, fall to his knees and profess his undying love. 😀 Hm…I think I’ll have some good dreams tonight with that thought in mind! *wink*

    I can’t pick one. It’s just so impossible! There are simply too many! lol.



  5. Tamie says:

    Reblogged this on Bookish Temptations and commented:
    I’ve talked about my love of literary Alpha males before. This post by Kat is fabulous!


  6. Roseann says:

    My favorite is Gabriel Emerson, he is an alfa male and doesn’t need whips and handcuffs to prove it. He just loves with all his heart and soul and makes you feel his power.


  7. Scandal says:

    great article Kat! I have what I like to call my Freebie List…actually it’s two lists, one full of real life stud muffins and the other is my literary list…after reading a lot of Kristen Ashley lately, I think I need to make some adjustments to include Mace…ummmmmm, Mace makes me all swoony and of course JZB, I don’t even know what he is other than sexy beast but when he does that growly thing in the back of his throat…forget it 1000% Alpha!!


    • Thank you! 🙂

      I so totally agree. JZB? 1000% Alpha!

      And Mace, huh? Nice. I will have to check him out. There is never ever too much Great Alpha Male in our lives.

      And yes, I am so very lucky to have a Great Alpha Male in my real life. Mr. Kat Bastion stepped out of the pages of my fantasy into my reality. {sighs}

      Thank you for sharing!



  8. Jes Young says:

    This was an absolutely fantastic piece! Loved it. And by the way, of course it’s Barrons. Who else could possible compare. (swoon.)


  9. Maren says:

    Barrons! Definitely the Greatest Great Alpha Male ever!
    But my heart belongs to Dageus MacKeltar. (Who is maybe a tiny bit less alpha than Barrons ist.)


    • Yes, Maren! I totally agree! LOVE Dageus. Ultimate bad boy Great Alpha Male. {sighs}

      And… Are we all excited about Moning’s upcoming release, Iced?


      Thank you for sharing!



  10. I think my favorite Alpha Male right now is also Gabriel Emerson. Brilliant, conflicted, passionate, imperfect, strong except when he’s not…I love him in all his flawed and argyle-d glory. 🙂

    My guilty-pleasure Alpha Males are the guys in J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series. Rrrraaaaoooowwwrrr.


    • Mango!

      Yes, Gabriel is pulling ahead of the pack. I cannot wait to read about him. I’m going to have one hot holidays.

      I love the BDB boys, as well! My favorite… V. {fans self} … just… damn.

      Thanks for sharing, my friend!



  11. Did anyone listen to the Fever Series on audiobook? If you thought Jerricho was a sexy alpha male before, after hearing the narrator’s Barrons, you will fall over. I swear! If you want to hear it, go to this address and click play sample under the book cover pic:

    So excited for more Fever, especially since their will be 5 more books, only three of which will focus on Dani.


    • No, I haven’t. Could I handle that? Might I not melt down on the spot? 😉

      Sounds simply devastating, Amy. I will have to prepare myself and try that sample…

      Thank you for sharing!



  12. Jamie says:

    Fantastic!! The great alpha male, I was fanning myself reading your blog. I’ve not read the Gabriel book, but they are on my to read list. I’ve heard great things about the professor. I don’t have a specific alpha male, so I’m going with the brothers from the BDB series. My ultimate favorite is Vishous.

    And who is Jericho??


    • Thank you, Jamie!

      V is my favorite BDB, too! Gabriel’s Inferno is on my “must read” list as well.

      Oh, Jamie. Are you in for an enormous treat. Jericho Barrons is a Great Alpha Male is Karen Marie Moning’s Fever Series. It is my favorite series ever. Five books. Start from the beginning. You won’t be able to put it down until the end.

      She has a spin-off series with the first book, Iced, coming out October 31st.

      Enjoy! And let me know what you think! Of Jericho and Gabriel! Can we have to much Great Alpha Male? 😉

      Thank you for commenting!



  13. Well my word, Miss Kat! *Fans self*
    I do declare that you have captured the Alpha male to a capital ‘T’!
    Really GREAT entry!!
    I actually seen this posted on Bookish Temptations 🙂 –Thanks Tamie for the repost!!


  14. Morgan says:

    What’s funny (and true) is that 80% of men are beta males who think that they’re alphas. As a charismatic and intelligent man, I am often times the leader of a group but, as this post illustrates, size matters and big boys usually stay on top of the jungle gym.

    My poor eyesight takes me out of the running for alpha status in RL, (as does any disibility) but on line, I command more of a presence. (Interesting sub study there).

    This was an insightful post Kat and very apt for anyone who doesn’t even posessions a Y chromosome.

    Morgan The writer (and sometimes beta) male.


    • Thanks, Morgan!

      Yes, I whole-heartedly agree. That was exactly the point I was subtly making in my post.

      Every woman thinks they want an alpha male. When, in fact, they truly want the beta male characteristics.

      No woman wants to be thrown down in abandon…and then abandoned for the sports game or beer with the guys. Many women fail to realize most alpha men are like that.

      The Great Alpha Male? Possesses attributes of an alpha, but embraces his beta side.

      In romance writing, it takes just the right woman to unlock that door bolted shut. Melt his heart. See beyond his needs to place those above another first.

      And, Morgan? To command your presence your way, to be in touch with those alpha and beta qualities… makes you Great Alpha Male. All. The. Way.

      Thank you so much for your insight and comment!

      The vey apt XX, 🙂



  15. ChocoMG2112 says:

    Don’t hate me but I don’t care for JzB.

    I do like The Professor, Christian, Acheron, Bones, Harry Dresden.


  16. Reblogged this on Talk To The Shoe and commented:

    Since I’m writing about Great Alpha Males in the Highlands, and everyone seems to be drawn to this page, I decided to share with you again what seems to be on all of our minds… I hope you enjoy. 😉


  17. Gabriel and Christian are the great alpha males. As different as they are in many respects, it’s what you describe that makes women desire men such as them. Anyone else, pales in comparison.


  18. […] was reading twitter, and I read this great post by Talk to the Shoe called The Lure of the Alpha Male.  As a huge Jericho Barrons, Marie Moning, and Fever Series fan, I started thinking…Who […]


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