Insert Photos Lesson ~ Cutest Apron

WordPress Lesson 5 … inserting photos.

Because I shared the cutest apron ever on my Twitter page, @KatBastion … I thought I’d share it on my blog as well!

Cutest Apron Ever

Cutest apron ever!

Now that I have the cutest apron ever made, I’ll be wearing this, and only this, when I bake my man dark chocolate brownies. I’m thinking things are guaranteed to get heated in the kitchen. 😉

Have fun in your kitchen! I know I will!

DarlingWhileBaking Kat

Under Construction

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The blog you’ve all been waiting for…
Final pieces are moving into place…
Just a little bit longer…
   …and your patience will be rewarded.

p.s. ~ “his and hers” shoes in my header pic? Mine & Mr. Kat Bastion’s.
And, yes, no shoes sizes were altered in the filming of that picture. 😉