The Boston Marathon ~ Support the American Red Cross and The One Fund Boston

Times of tragedy pull together community. 

In the wake of the Boston Marathon, the impact of a heinous attack on innocent people—sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, grandparents, friends—ripples across the world to affect us all.  Boston, in every way, is our town.  Our city.  Those are our friends and family that have been hurt and killed.

As we take a deep breath to count our blessings and embrace our loved ones, please join me in helping those who need our support.

We can help in two ways:

1. Please donate to the American Red Cross, who responds to those in need of support when disaster strikes.

2. According to a recent Tweet from the American Red Cross, “To help people most affected by the tragic events in Boston on 4.15.13 visit #BostonMarathon”
Click on The One Fund Boston link to donate and learn more.

Also, I’d like to share with you the following message from my friend Jenn at Argle Empire…

In response to the tragedy in Boston, Argyle Empire is hosting a fundraiser to aid the American Red Cross.

Given that part of the Gabriel series is set in Boston, we felt it was an appropriate thing to do.

If people donate to the American Red Cross and/or The One Fund Boston and email a copy of their receipt to me at, they can enter a giveaway by visiting SR has agreed to sign UK edition copies of both Gabriel’s Inferno and Gabriel’s Rapture for the winner.

The fundraiser will run between now and April 30. The winner will be selected on May 1 and notified by May 3.

If you could help us promote this, that would be great. If you would like to donate and enter the giveaway, please feel free to do so. This is really about helping out the charity, after all.

Thank you so much for helping, my friends.  Please spread the word through your social channels.  Please donate and help in any way you can.

It’s by stepping out and embracing others with love that we shine a bright light of hope in our world.

I’m off to send in my donation!

Your humble shoe,

~ Kat

© 2013 by Kat Bastion

8 thoughts on “The Boston Marathon ~ Support the American Red Cross and The One Fund Boston

  1. I commend Sylvain Reynard and Argyle Empire in their efforts to help the victims of this terrorist attack in my hometown of Boston. Thank you all for spreading the word.


  2. Ali g says:

    Great charities and have posted on FB


  3. Gloria Huang says:

    Hi Kat, I work for the Red Cross and have to say thank you for your support!! It is truly due to generous donations that we are able to prepare beforehand and respond to any disaster that may strike in the future. Thanks as well for sharing the One Fund info and raising money for their help with the aftermath of the bombing.

    Take care,


    • Hello Gloria! Thank you for all of the tremendous work you do. Thank you for helping all of us be there through you when those in crisis need us the most.

      With great respect and appreciation,
      ~ Kat


  4. serendipitousmc says:

    Thanks so much for posting this, Kat. It really helps to get the word out. We know there are so many generous and kind people from SR’s readership who want to help (you included!). It’s so great that we’re all pulling together to help an organization that does so much for people in need.


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