No Weddings Release-eve Appetizer + Giveaway!

Hello, everyone.

Tomorrow…is No Weddings release day! {vibrates}

To celebrate, below find a last pre-release teaser and a new giveaway for a $25 gift card that ends tonight.

We invite you join the No Weddings party tomorrow. We’re thrilled to finally share the sexy and fun story of Cade and Hannah with you.

Both of us will be on Twitter all day tomorrow on our personal accounts… Kat on @KatBastion and Stone on @StoneBastion … One of us will also be RTing and posting reviews, links, and other fun tidbits from our @No_Weddings Series account. We’d love for you to join us.

{whispers} There may be a prize or two randomly given away. 😉

Tomorrow morning, we’ll post the No Weddings Tour coordinated by InkSlinger PR. The schedule will be updated with links to the reviews, exclusive excerpts, and guest posts, so be sure to check back daily. Many blogs are also participating in the No Weddings Release Day Launch, and we’re offering a separate giveaway for each event.

We will also be popping onto our Facebook page and the tour stops tomorrow and throughout the week.

Meanwhile, please enjoy another sexy scene glimpse involving Cade and Hannah…

Release-eve Appetizer

“Watching you move in that dress is the only thing keeping me sane.” Though I spoke the words, I forced my gaze outward to the horizon line of party guests. I was a mere mortal man, and Hannah had turned into a goddess.

“Oh, you mean this old thing?” she teased, stalking forward into my line of sight, showing me the backless silver silk as it fell in a “V” just below her waist. There was nothing on underneath, which I noticed every time she turned her back to me.

I growled low as she turned slowly. “Be careful, Hannah. A man can only take so much.”

A wicked smile appeared on her angelic face. The temptress had returned.

She dropped her hands to her hips. Beautiful didn’t even begin to cover it. Dark waves of hair framed her face, swept down on one side below her shoulder. Those hazel eyes had become dark, glistening in the shadows.

A smirk lit up her face. “I’ve no idea what you’re talking about.”

“You know exactly what I’m talking about.” I stepped forward and brushed my hands over hers, where they were still propped on her hips, then slid mine over her ass. Proprietary, I know. But I laid claim just the same. She didn’t stop me.

Her eyes simply flared wide. She bit her lower lip, then slowly released it.

I stared long and hard at the luscious lip that I wanted to bite, suck on, taste in long, slow licks until she surrendered to more. My gaze rose upward to meet her eyes. Dilated. For me.

“All I see is a potato sack, about to be shredded.”

A slow smile curved her lips. “You mean, you think I’m sexy.”

“Devastatingly so.”


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Thank you for all your help and support. We greatly appreciate it.

Your humble shoe and boot,

~ Kat & Stone


© 2014 by Kat Bastion and Stone Bastion

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