New Adventure Series THE TRAVELER: Initiate Years

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In the event you missed yesterday’s news with our fellow Bastion Family Adventurers, today we publicly reveal a secret we’ve keeping.

Since Forged in Dreams and Magick, have you missed Isobel Brodie? Ever wondered what her first thrilling adventures as The Traveler would be like?

We have.


Wonder no more…

THE TRAVELER: Initiate Years

Begins with…

Veil of Realms Cover

THE TRAVELER: Initiate Years series

Veil of Realms
Secrets of Alexandria
Panther Rising
Stones of Power
Highland Magick

Cover Designer: Stone Bastion | Cover Art: Kat Bastion

THE TRAVELER: Initiate Years

Award-winning and bestselling authors Kat Bastion and Stone Bastion join forces once again in an exciting new short-story adventure series… THE TRAVELER: Initiate Years.

Meet Isobel Brodie…

Recent thirteenth-century Scottish transplant—from twenty-first-century Southern California. New wife to a fearsome Highland laird. Future mom to immortal twins. Rookie warrior drafted by magick to save the unraveling fabric of time.

The dark angel who mentors her calls her Ms. MacInnes.

Prophesy named her… The Traveler.

Veil of Realms: Isobel is catapulted thousands of years into the past, to Ireland’s Newgrange, where malevolent forces have breached the thin barrier between worlds. On her first mission, will her magick be strong enough to defeat an ancient power-hungry entity? ~ 10,300 word count


Other standalone books in THE TRAVELER: Initiate Years series:

Secrets of Alexandria: Dropped into legendary Alexandria, Isobel hunts the threat she’s been sent to eliminate. But her adversary is clever and experienced. And the learning curve to her new magick, steep. Yet with the timeline in danger, she’s all that stands between her nemesis and life everywhere.

Panther Rising: Thrown into a sweltering jungle seven millennia in the past, Isobel navigates natural and otherworldly obstacles in a Mayan temple underworld. But as ancient entities join forces to steal energy through time, she’s pressured to outsmart an enemy that’s always time-jumped one step ahead.

Stones of Power: Transported to a future Samhain, circa 2039, Isobel stumbles into a group hiking to witness supernatural occurrences at Stonehenge—her apparent destination as well. But it seems her foe crafted a trap for her. And the price to save life everywhere? Higher than ever.

Highland Magick: With the rules of the game constantly shifting, Isobel squares off with her reviled enemy in her own backyard. But will she be able to safeguard her clan without exposing the secrets of her magick?

THE TRAVELER: Initiate Years

THE TRAVELER series Covers

Five books. Five unforgettable short-story adventures.

Order your copies today…
Includes bonus sneak peek of Born of Mist and Legend!

Veil of Realms
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Veil of Realms on Goodreads
Secrets of Alexandria
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Secrets of Alexandria on Goodreads
Panther Rising
Amazon | Apple Books | Nook Books | Kobo
Panther Rising on Goodreads
Stones of Power
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Stones of Power on Goodreads
Highland Magick
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Highland Magick on Goodreads

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Thank you for your support of THE TRAVELER: Initiate Years series. We look forward to sharing Isobel’s thrilling standalone time-travel adventures with you through February and March. It will help time fly· 😉 ·until April’s release of the next Highland Legends series novel… Born of Mist and Legend!


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~ Kat & Stone


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