Your Exciting Adventure Awaits in STONES OF POWER

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We are thrilled to finally share one of our favorite adventures in THE TRAVELER: Initiate Years series: STONES OF POWER.

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We shared an exclusive author’s note and an exclusive excerpt with our fellow Bastion Family Adventurers earlier today. Not yet signed up? We’d love to have you join us.

{whispers} We also hope to reveal something very exciting later this week: as an exclusive first this Thursday with our Bastion Family Adventurers, then Saturday, here on the blog.

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Award-winning and bestselling authors Kat Bastion and Stone Bastion join forces once again in an exciting new short-story adventure series… THE TRAVELER: Initiate Years.

Meet Isobel Brodie…

Recent thirteenth-century Scottish transplant—from twenty-first-century Southern California. New wife to a fearsome Highland laird. Future mom to immortal twins. Rookie warrior drafted by magick to save the unraveling fabric of time.

The dark angel who mentors her calls her Ms. MacInnes.

Prophesy named her… The Traveler.

Stones of Power: Transported to a future Samhain, circa 2039, Isobel stumbles into a group hiking to witness supernatural occurrences at Stonehenge—her apparent destination as well. But it seems her foe crafted a trap for her. And the price to save life everywhere? Higher than ever.

Stones of Power Cover

THE TRAVELER: Initiate Years series

THE TRAVELER series Covers

Five books. Five unforgettable short-story adventures.

Highlanders. Time Travel. Magick.
A strong heroine, a fallen angel, and an ancient sorcerer.
What’s not to love?

Order your copies today…
Includes bonus sneak peek of Born of Mist and Legend!

Veil of Realms – 02.02.20
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Veil of Realms on Goodreads
Secrets of Alexandria – 02.16.20
Amazon | Apple Books | Nook Books | Kobo | Google Play
Secrets of Alexandria on Goodreads
Panther Rising – 03.01.20
Amazon | Apple Books | Nook Books | Kobo | Google Play
Panther Rising on Goodreads
Stones of Power – 03.15.20
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Stones of Power on Goodreads
Highland Magick – 03.29.20
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Highland Magick on Goodreads


The release of Born of Mist and Legend. is just around the corner.
Have you preordered your copy yet?

We look forward to sharing the romantic adventure with you
April 13, 2020!Cover for Born of Mist and Legend

Preorder Yours Today!Releases April 13, 2020
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We’ll see you in two weeks for the release of the final book in the series: Highland Magick.

And this Saturday for a very special reveal…

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~ Kat & Stone


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