Four Week Sneak Peek: Found in Flame and Moonlight

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Hello again, fellow readers.

Release week for Found in Flame and Moonlight, the final installment in the Highland Legends series, is only four weeks out!


How about a four week sneak peek in Gawain’s POV? Here’s a link if you missed last month’s Eight Week Sneak Peek: Her POV, which comes first, as a Part 1.

{whispers} … Be sure to also stay tuned next month, as we share news of an exciting new series based around fan-favorite No Weddings characters.

(Part 2) Four Week Sneak Peek:

Gawain Brodie sucked in a stunned breath as the inside of his chest…boomed.

Thunder? Confused, he frowned but refused to break stride. He raced down an earthen footpath in the shadowy forest to rejoin his warriors; he’d been ambushed while scouting. And since no cloud marred the late-afternoon sky, he shook off the jarring sensation.

Faster! Scant seconds remained. Clan Brodie had been exposed. Their castle’s centuries-old secret somehow breached.

Blood from three attackers speckled his arms and chest. Yet the last one’s dying words bore evidence of the exposure: Your magick castle is ours!

A tang from the skirmish coated his tongue, pungent earth and the coppery taste of blood. Anger churned in his gut. Ferocity pumped through his veins. Single-minded determination overcame burning muscles as he sought to vanquish whatever enemy they faced.

Intent on cutting time, he broke into a sunny glade, ran across rippling purple blooms of heather, then rejoined the well-worn trail. Yet as he rounded the gnarled trunk of an ancient yew, a sudden awareness made him veer wide in the turn.

Alongside the path, lacy fronds of bracken trembled. Then a blur of motion burst forth.

Dark garb registered in his peripheral vision. As did the gleam of a swinging sword.

He unsheathed his own sword, then blocked a strike meant to cleave his neck.

Never pausing his momentum, Gawain twisted his body and shifted forward, swinging his weapon over. Then he tightened his blade down at the last moment for the killing blow.

To his surprise, the swords clashed. Punishing vibration jarred his bones from hand to arm, shoulder to neck, till they rattled a final quiver down through his teeth.

The attacker—a male with flaxen hair, of similar height and breadth to the threesome he’d more easily dispatched—merely sounded a low grunt.

With greater determination, Gawain thrust.

In equal measure, his opponent parried.

Fury darkened his attacker’s eyes.

Exhilaration fired through Gawain’s veins.

Their deadly battle-dance continued with strikes and blocks, thrusts and parries. Each next metallic crash rang out with echoing menace.

“At long last, a worthy opponent,” Gawain murmured.

Gawain arced his sword back around, but once the tip swung skyward, he twisted, tucked, then thrust from a lower angle.

The soldier deflected then stepped aside, just as well trained, equally gifted.

“Aye. An ‘opponent’ who’ll impale yer bloody arse like a stuck pig,” the soldier replied in an English accent. A sick hunger gleamed in his eye.

Amused, Gawain relaxed his stance and drew back his weapon. He tilted his head and narrowed his eyes. “Why eat pig when you can dine like a king?”

The man’s expression fell. As did the tip of his sword while he gave a heavy blink and furrowed his brow. “What’re you on about?”

In the next heartbeat, Gawain lunged with incredible speed. The tip of his sword led the way, piercing the man’s heart before he was able to draw a full gasp of surprise—or reengage his sword.

“The differences between us,” Gawain whispered into the ear of the dying man.

Severe lack of emotion and abundance of wit.

What Gawain possessed and most did not.

With a quick jerk, Gawain freed his sword. As the body crumpled to the ground, he swiped both sides of his weapon on the cleanest patch of the soldier’s woolen tunic. He believed in letting fallen men keep their blood. Off my sword.

English! The revelation of how far and wide their exposure had traveled still stunned him.

No time! He charged back toward the footpath and raced on.

After another few hundred yards, the clear sounds of combat filtered into the dense forest: the clatter of weapons, shouts and grunts from men.

Seconds later, he burst upon a greater battle. Or what little remained of it.

His brethren carved and sliced through their own tenacious dark-garbed attackers. One Brodie to five English. But the last of their foe fell in rapid succession, one after the other, none prepared for the skill of the unique clan of Highlanders.

With no immediate threat left to eliminate, Gawain sheathed his weapon.

A second strange thunder boomed through his chest.

And its fading vibration carried the aftertaste of something imminent…weighty. As if an event of great import was about to transpire. Involving me? Or the clan.

Dismayed by the inexplicable and unnerving sensation, Gawain stared toward the western horizon as a fiery sun dipped below jagged mountain peaks.

Two warhorses suddenly appeared below his line of vision, one snow white, the other coal black. Both materialized seemingly from nowhere. And knowing their riders as Gawain did, they likely had.

Another powerful vibration reverberated through Gawain’s chest so hard, he stifled the urge to cough as his family approached.

Astride the white mare was Isobel Brodie with her long blond hair flying back in the wind. Clad in her custom deerskin hunting outfit, she braced her toddler son between her arms.

On the black stallion rode Iain, Isobel’s husband, Gawain’s older brother, and Laird of Clan Brodie. He cradled their lad’s twin sister with a father’s protective hand.

Clutched in Iain’s other hand was a magickal box whose surface sparkled even in gloaming’s waning light.

Yet that box had never left Brodie Castle.

Not in all the years of Gawain’s life.

Nor in any of the legendary tales of generations past.

An unmistakable sense of foreboding washed over him as his fellow warriors gathered to watch their leader and kin draw near.

All approach the battlefront?” Their commander, Robert, inquired to his right.

“With the wee ones?” Duncan asked at his left.

The warriors were part of Iain’s elite guardsmen. Twelve in total. Closer than brothers.

“Nay.” Naught was as it seemed. A great change had begun. Those facts rang true with every heavy beat of his heart. And he’d somehow landed in the center of its shifting tides. “They’ll be but a moment,” he murmured.

Even if Gawain failed to comprehend how he knew what was about to transpire, he sensed why they’d come.

Fate had descended upon him. Though the circumstance made little sense.

“I’ll not take your place!” Gawain objected to the notion. The magickal box may as well have been scepter, orb, and crown. For of the many powers it wielded, foremost among them had long been to ordain the next Brodie male as chieftain of their clan.

Aye, you will.” Iain lifted the hallowed box high, reaching back.

“You remain hale and whole.” Fit to rule. No reason to shift the obligation.

“We’ve no time to explain.” Isobel tightened her legs to bring her mount alongside Iain’s as she glanced at her husband. “Danger abounds. And we’ve been summoned”—at the last word, she directed Gawain a pointed look, heavy with meaning—“away.”

Gawain sighed. Away through time itself. No explanation needed.

A strange feeling quivered in his gut. Akin to uncertainty. And a more familiar one: dread. Of the unknown. Of the burden of a reign he had never expected to shoulder.

The obsessive focus of battle had served him well all his life, had helped him overcome childhood demons. Even to the detriment of relations with close family. Namely his sister, Brigid, who he’d wrongly blamed for the cause of those demons so long ago. But Gawain had already come to accept how he’d done Brigid a grave disservice and labored to make amends.

Of late, he’d grown more noble. Worthy of the reign.

And his brother well knew it.

“’Tis the way of it,” Iain bellowed for all the guardsmen to hear in witness of the historic moment. “You’ll lead the clan through.”

Aye.” Gawain gave a clipped nod to his brother in dutiful acceptance of the role.

Iain dipped his chin with satisfaction, punched his arm forward, and released his grip.

The box arced through the air.

With narrowed eyes, Gawain thrust his hands up to catch it.

Yet at the exact moment his fingertips made contact with its cool metal sides, several monumental events happened at once, in plain sight of their guardsmen.

A bright bolt of lightning shot from ground to sky with a true boom of thunder.

Isobel touched a hand to Iain’s shoulder and Clan Brodie’s former ruling family vanished, warhorses and all.

Heat sparked from the box to his fingers and flashed through his entire body.

And a raven-haired woman appeared out of thin air. Vibrant blue eyes stared straight at him. Her slender hand rested atop the box.

Nay!” Gawain growled, furious.

In his disgruntled shock of becoming laird, he’d forgotten the other burden the ancient box bestowed.

A soul mate.


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Title: Found in Flame and Moonlight
 Highland Legends, #4
Cover Designer:
 Stephanie Mooney
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Medieval Romance, Time Travel
Release Date: September 14, 2020


Kat Bastion returns for the final installment in the award-winning Highland Legend series… Found in Flame and Moonlight.

Under siege by monumental forces, a magickal castle unites a medieval laird and a twenty-first-century assassin to save it. But will the two headstrong souls survive each other?

Gawain Brodie has hardened his heart to women. Certain that females only bring heartache, the warrior focuses on battles and strategy as one of his clan’s elite guard. Until two things are thrust upon him: the rule of his clan and a fiery sorceress as his mate.

Chelsea Smith has grown up in Southern California, one of the rare few belonging to a secret group of assassins. Trained to shun emotion, and expert in harnessing Earth’s elemental power, she has a bright future ahead of her within her shadow organization. Until time itself decides her only future lies far in the past.

Neither is happy with the arrangement. Yet both see an opportunity for adventure. And pleasure. No emotions. All adrenaline. And while they’re at it, save a magickal castle from disappearing. Permanently.

What could possibly go wrong?

*** Found in Flame and Moonlight is a standalone full-length romance told in dual POV. Due to mature themes and adult language, this book is for those 18 and older. ***

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