May the 4th Be with You! Surprise COMIC BOOK DATE Release…


May the 4th be with you, dear readers!

We’re celebrating the one-year anniversary of The Accidental May the 4th Comic Book Date with a surprise release… COMIC BOOK DATE: The Complete Series!

{tosses confetti}

So if you haven’t yet tumbled into the heartwarming geeky romantic comedies of the Comic Book Date Series, now is the perfect time with this brand-new collection…

The Accidental VERSION 2 May the 4th Comic Book Date

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Available for the first time… COMIC BOOK DATE: The Complete Series

Multiple award-winning author Kat Bastion brings us all three geeky romantic comedies together in one heartwarming collection with COMIC BOOK DATE: The Complete Series.

COMIC BOOK DATE: The Complete Series includes the novelettes:
The Accidental May the 4th Comic Book Date
The Unbelievable Made on a Dare Comic Book Date
The Irresistible 4th of July Comic Book Date



The Accidental May the 4th Comic Book Date

Willow Kendrick, outdoor enthusiast, happily-ever-after advocate, and eternal social butterfly found herself entirely out of her element.

Shoved straight into hell.

A comic book store.

But for the crucial last-minute mission, she stuffed down her childhood fears. Well aware that dwindling time—the window of opportunity to secure her dream job—had nearly run out.

Who’s the superhero in our own story?


The Unbelievable Made on a Dare Comic Book Date

Riya Patel’s entire civilized world—tailored and compartmentalized with great care—implodes with crushing force from a single loaded parental text: Bring your boyfriend to the wedding. A boyfriend who doesn’t exist.

Yet lightning strikes twice when gorgeous Scandinavian actor Sören Johansen drops everything to court her. Someone Riya would never choose to date. An impossible match.

But how to shock the hell out of a traditional Indian wedding party?

Bring the most scandalous plus-one: Thor, God of Thunder.

Do risky dares give stunning rewards? Or one spectacular backfire


The Irresistible 4th of July Comic Book Date

Store owner Scarlett MacArthur teeters on a ladder in the Comic Book Portal’s stockroom. Attempting to right a disastrous weekend. Until the universe drops one last multifaceted straw.

Strong and independent, she’s faced with being stuck and… vulnerable.

The greater hurdle? Accepting help from a handsome new customer, Lo Chiang.

Will her battered defenses reject an unexpected rescue? Or is exposing her fragile heart the perfect remedy?

Can everyday superheroes make room for love?


Thank you so much for being a part of our book-loving community.

We hope you enjoy our surprise release of COMIC BOOK DATE: The Complete Series, in celebration of the heartwarming geeky romantic comedies.

Stay tuned over the summer months for exciting news on the long-awaited releases of Icebreaker and Ball Breaker!

Your humble shoe and boot,

~ Kat & Stone


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