The Thrill of Discovery

Life IS the Adventure

Have you ever noticed that…

The first bite of dessert is always the sweetest?
The first touch by a crush… the most electric?
The first kiss… the most soul-searing?

It’s the thrill of discovery.

As children, we experience so many things for the very first time.  Our senses are thrown open wide to soak in the incredible world around us.  We aren’t just on the edge of our seat paying attention, we’re standing on it with excited anticipation a split second before taking a huge fearless leap into the sensory overload.

Take the time to see, hear, smell, taste, and feel things you haven’t paused long enough to absorb, and you’ll be rewarded with new experiences.  Sometimes altering one element in your everyday routine incites a riot of new input simply by going off-course from the expected.  A shift to a different position at a favorite restaurant table is a basic example.  You’ve changed your viewpoint literally and your perception in a multitude of ways.  Try it.

A few months back, I sat on the ground examining a new transplant in our yard out of concern for its welfare (I’m a horrific plant parent) and found more than the plant alive before my eyes.  Caterpillar Surprise

What a treasure it is to stumble across something beautiful happening right under our busy noses.

Writers, Readers and Discovery

As a writer, we express our three-dimensional adventure onto the page, tempting the reader to get lost in the vivid world we’ve created.  Our goal is to take them along for a ride they’ve never experienced. 

If because of our efforts they…

Feel the abrasive surface of the jagged stone wall…
Squint at the brilliant sunset before it fades below the horizon…
Savor the taste of a tart cherry pie…
Inhale the sweet earthy aroma of a pine forest…
Hear the pop and crackle of a roaring fire?

Mission accomplished.

There is actually a phase in the writing process called discovery.  Some define it as the exploratory period in which we seek new topics and do research.  I recall an article I read over a year ago that described it ideally.  It appeared in a past issue of the RWR (the Romance Writers Report, a trade publication through Romance Writers of America) and described the discovery process as a time of rest and recharge between writing projects.  

The holiday from “work” should be a time to immerse ourselves in the outside world, separate from the isolated writing caves we’ve sequestered ourselves within most of the year.  Music, art, outdoor adventures, and civic events all become opportunities for us to turn our thinking brains off and amplify our learning.  Surrounding ourselves in melting pots of activity allows us to observe human behavior from a relaxed vantage point.  Wandering into a different solitary activity, like painting or reading a new book, maybe even in a genre outside our norm, helps expand our horizons. 

When the time is right, maybe after a few days, perhaps after a few weeks, our rested and recharged brains are stocked full of creative new ideas from a variety of sources.


Interestingly, layers of discovery happened while writing my latest manuscript.  The stories in my series are about self-discovery.

At the exact moments my heroine flew high with happiness and achievement, circumstances ripped away her newfound joy.  When she stood again from the pile of surrounding rubble, she learned something about herself.  She found strength because she’d tasted heavenly bliss and then plummeted to crushing heartache.  From a new perspective, she discovered what she truly wanted in life…and it was not what she’d originally thought.  Once she realized the ultimate prize within her reach was threatened, she discovered the one thing worth fighting for above all else… those she loved.  The ones in her world who relied on her suddenly had all her focused attention.

As my heroine’s discovery unfolded on the pages in true pantster-style writing, her realization provoked my own.  Everything is about the journey.  Life happens along the way from here to there, and if you aren’t paying attention you’ll miss it. 

How funny that my own character in a story taught me how to shift my focus from self-centered to selfless.  But then, I suppose it shouldn’t surprise me at all.  When we write, pieces of ourselves shine through onto the page and are expressed to some degree in many of our beloved characters.

Life IS the Journey

Treat your life as a rare adventure.  Look at each mundane activity as an opportunity to seize a new experience with a subtle shift of perception.  Channel the child within you, living every precious day you’re given as a sparkling gift.  Unwrap your treasure with unbridled excitement and embrace… the thrill of discovery.

Enjoy your world, my friends.  I wish us all the most spectacular time as we step from our ordinary lives into the world of the extraordinary.

Your humble shoe,

~ Kat

© 2013 by Kat Bastion

Embracing Sensuality

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Bookish Temptations

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Sex Condiments ~ For The Love Of Sensuality…

Sex Condiments ~ For The Love Of Sensuality…

© 2012 by Kat Bastion

We’ve all dabbled in a bit of food… a lot of sex.


Everyone hasn’t raced back to their hotel room with their man after a romantic dinner, holding the strawberry cheesecake, not able to wait until they got through eating dessert in public before devouring each other in private?

And… when you got back to the hotel room. 
And… were told to strip as he climbed into the hot tub. 
And… he looked at you as if you both hadn’t just eaten. 

As if… he hadn’t eaten in years…

Your man, holding that cheesecake with a wicked smirk on his face.

You did not strip fast. Oh, no.

The sensual dance had begun. Every sense you possessed had already heightened.

By the time you stepped into that hot tub, he had already painted every curve of your body with his mind.  You stood there above him. He sat in the swirling hot water below you. With his fingers, he smeared in achingly slow precision the confection, a five star pastry-chef-created masterpiece, onto your skin in all his favorite places. Together, you created a new work of art.

Hot licks and sucks, moans and shivers, laughs and begging followed as he made dessert out of you…

Mmmmmmm… {thoughts get sidetracked in the fantasy for a moment}

What is it about food…and sex?

If the food is spectacular? Mouths water. Moans are elicited. Breaths are held.  Satisfaction is written on your face as you wrap your lips around your first juicy morsel before the fork is slowly pulled away.

It’s foreplay. If the food is stellar, it can be orgasmic. … {whispers} Although, that can be quite embarrassing in public. If you tend to get…loud.

Sex Condiments… A Party In Sensuality:

Sex Condiments in particular heighten sensuality, bringing the five senses up front and center.

  • Touch:  Hot or cold.
  • Taste:    Sweet, Salty, Spicy…
  • Sound:  The sounds? Very different.
  • Sight:    Things dripping, frosted, slathered, begging to be licked…
  • Smell:   Sweet…mixed with that heady, musky scent of her arousal as the heat gets ramped up.

Haven’t we all wanted to become condiment connoisseurs?  Operating purely off instinct and spontaneity.  If the mood strikes and the topping is available, then partake.  Wholeheartedly.

Suggested sex condiments:

  • Chocolate frosting
  • Ice cream
  • Honey
  • Strawberry cheesecake after a delicious meal in your hotel room hot tub… Oh. Sorry, I strayed there again, didn’t I? {smirks}
  • Whipped cream
  • Hot chocolate sauce or hot caramel sauce

As a writer, the poetry of food and sex is unparalleled. As a woman… or a man… research for writing is a requirement. Lots, and lots, of painstakingly slow research…

What is your favorite topping… I mean sex condiment?

  • Was it being blindfolded, hands bound, not knowing what your wily man was up to, only to gasp in shock when he dripped freezing ice cream onto your most sensitive erotic nerve center? Followed by the soothing heat of his mouth…
  • Your strawberry cheesecake hot tub incident? When laughter… and moans were the alternating sounds?
  • How about when you straddled him, watching his wide-eyed expression below you as you drizzled honey onto your breasts? Slow moving trails of amber liquid pulled by gravity, falling from hardened tips, dripping one sticky drop at a time from your chest onto his until he cannot watch anymore and launches upright, helping clean up that sticky mess with his mouth…

What about hot chocolate or caramel sauce? Whipped cream?

{smiles} Oh, if you haven’t tried them yet, I am so guessing you will…

Since you cannot seem to identify your absolute favorite… More studies are definitely in order.

One VERY important caveat: I’m fairly certain it’s bad for a woman’s … inner ecology… to get sugar up in her whoo-ha (highly technical term) so be sure to clean it completely off slots and tabs before connecting. Licking and sucking thoroughly is suggested, but not guaranteed.

The laughter cleaning up every doorknob, wall corner, counter surface, and floor tile smudged with chocolate or honey… for days… Will be Priceless. (But, watch out for ants!)

Happy research, everyone!  Please comment and share your favorite sex condiments.  Your tips and comments.  And… your research results… {smirks}

Your Favorite Shoe,

Kat Bastion

© 2012 by Kat Bastion