New Year, New Decade, and our New Email Family with Exciting Gifts Ahead…

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Hello, everyone. And Happy New Year and New Decade!

Yes, we’ve seen the ongoing debate on whether or not the new decade has begun. Potayto, Potahto. We’re charging into the 20’s. And it’s an exciting new decade indeed.

Especially exciting for us. All of us.

The Wake-up Call

Now, typically, we don’t share our personal lives much in our public book world. We blogged a couple of years ago about moving to a tropical island and going minimalist.

What we didn’t share since then was the near-near-death experience Stone had one year ago next month. No need to go into the details, but suffice to say, both of us were terrified he wouldn’t wake up the following morning.

Every day since has been an amazing blessing. And has reprioritized our love for life, initiated a vow to experience the world with childlike wonder and joy each day we’re lucky enough to wake up in, and recharged our energy for creating adventuresome stories.

After the health scare, we moved back to the mainland, to beautiful Boise, Idaho. And in mid-2019 we dubbed the next twelve months our “Year of University”, although we suspect it will continue on to be every year, with us eagerly learning and growing.

Some of the Cool Learnin’

A few of the many creative things we’ve learned thus far include formatting our own books, designing our own covers and promotional materials, and creating our own original art.

Yep. Art for our book covers!

In the next couple of weeks, we’ll share with you the five book covers we’ve created for an exciting new short-story adventure series we’re revealing soon… #StayTuned

New Email Family

Part of our wake-up call, our second chance with life together, has been to elevate our current mailing list and the wonderful readership within it that supports us. So, rather than an occasional email (only as notification of preorders, sales, and new releases), we’re going to reach out a little more often. Possibly monthly, or more.

And we’re considering ourselves a part of the tribe, those who love to escape in original breathtaking journeys, delight in the heartbreak, the growth, and the journey where love prevails and the good guys always win.

To embrace our readership more fully, we’ve named our tribe… {whispers} as our banner above hinted…
the Bastion Family Adventurers!

Exciting Gifts Ahead for our Loyal Readership

As a thank you to our loyal fans, we’re going to be extending special gifts to those included in our email list. What kind of gifts?

  • Exclusive Cover Reveals: Be the first to participate in the unveiling.
  • Exclusive Preorder Alerts: Never miss an opportunity to order your copy.
  • Exclusive Bonus Gifts: series art, bonus scenes, seasonal goodies, and more!
  • And Exclusive FREE Stories! For a limited-time, shared only with our family.

Join our Bastion Family Adventurers!

If you aren’t yet a part of our mailing list, now’s the perfect time…

We’re honored for you to join us: Bastion Family Adventurers

This week, share in our first Exclusive Cover Reveal of the decade!

Next week? Be the first to hear about our surprise series and see the beautiful covers. PLUS… receive the first story in the series FREE! A full two weeks before its release!

What’s Coming in the Next Decade?

LOTS of stories.

We expect to release books in every season of every year.

Till we die.

Which hopefully won’t be for a really long time.

{stares with intense love and expectation at Stone}

For starters?

That new short-story series we mentioned contains five standalone adventures. The first book will release February 2, 2020. Then each short story after will release every two weeks.

Annnd… the next Highland Legends novel finally has a release date!
{whispers} Born of Mist and Legend is the Exclusive Cover Reveal we’re sharing with our Bastion Family Adventurers this week!

Then we’re writing the next two novels in the Unbreakable Series, the next Highland Legends novel, a standalone spinoff novel from the No Weddings series, another fun new comedy series, a young adult fantasy adventure series… and much more.

Oh, and did we mention {whispers} audio?

Pretty exciting stuff, right?

Most of all, we are grateful. So very appreciate we’re here. With you.

Thank you for all your support through the years. We look forward to many decades yet to come.

Your humble shoe and boot,

~ Kat & Stone


© 2020 by Kat Bastion and Stone Bastion

Resolutions… For a Lifetime

Happy New Year!


I’ve never made a New Year’s resolution.

Am I an exception to the masses? I’m not sure. Perhaps you could share your thoughts.


The idea had always seemed impermanent to me. Anyone I’d ever known who’d made a resolution made an attempt to curb excess of one sinful nature or another, only to abandon said restriction before the next legal holiday.

I’ve never exempted myself from those who have behaviors to modify.  I’m certainly sinful, just as any other person, being human after all, but I’ve never been moved to change with a “resolution.”

Until I had.

Reflecting back on the last few months of my life, I realize the major changes I had ever wanted to make in my life, the person I had always strived to be, had happened.  Events beyond my control flicked on a dusty switch that apparently had always been destined to shine a brilliant light.  I’d blinked in amazement as the darkened world around me suddenly glowed brightly.

Like all things new, however, there will forever be vast room for improvement. Infinite lessons await us as we seek to master… becoming our better self.

Coming off a landmark year for me as far as changes go, I’m embracing the next stage with the strong foundation of the last.  Truly, the first affirmation was admitting to myself that I haven’t changed.

… I’ve transformed.

As I dangle from the safety of my familiar cocoon, the moment has come to fly.  Time to stretch my wings.

I will endeavor to be who I was meant to be… the butterfly.

With beauty and grace, I accept who I am.  I will remind myself daily of what I was meant to do with my fragile life in this harsh and unforgiving world…

To live each precious moment to its fullest
To multi-task less and focus more
To think of others and act so they feel it
To love with all the fire and passion in my heart
To cherish those whose lives I touch
To stand strong amid the darkness and brighten it daily
To believe the smallest kindness matters
To give charitably in thought, word and deed at every opportunity
To honor the vessel in which my heart and soul reside
To write for the love of writing
To spread awareness of those in need of love
To save the world one book at a time…

The last resolution came about from publishing the romantic poems in Utterly Loved, and yet, from that one project, all the other tiny miracles within me strengthened and took hold.  One book pivotally changed me.  The belief in a singular collection of heartfelt poems delivered with a message powerful enough to change our world… transformed me.

Of course, there where many catalysts along the way, for which I am forever grateful… My readiness to accept change toward growth.  The humanitarian efforts of the author who wrote the inspiring foreword for Utterly Loved, Sylvain Reynard. The support of loved ones and new friends made along the way.

I look forward to the path unfolding before me. My journey is not for the year ahead.  The adventure I’m taking will be for a lifetime.

Please join me in embracing a lifetime of resolutions.  Our world will be a better place if everyone commits to spreading love in a place very much in need of the kindness of our hearts.

Begin by purchasing Utterly Loved.  For yourself.  For your friends.  Your library.  Your church.  Share the beautiful poetry with a serious message of saving those in need of everything we have to give.  Daily.

Purchase Utterly Loved in paperback
Purchase Utterly Loved in Kindle edition

So? I’m truly dying to know… 
Have you done New Year’s resolutions in years past?
What are your resolutions this year?
Are you ready to commit to Resolutions… For a Lifetime?
What are your ideas for lifetime resolutions?

Thank you, my friends.  Your support in spreading awareness of charity, in giving all you can to those in need, in purchasing and sharing the news of Utterly Loved, is deeply appreciated.  Have a happy, loving, and prosperous year to come… that you may share your abundance with others.  May love and hope spread like wildfire in our world.

Your humble shoe,

~ Kat

Oh… {slides back in before you leave}
P. S. ~ I have one more very important resolution to add…
         To keep my desk uncluttered for maximum creative writing flow! 🙂

© 2013 by Kat Bastion