Science Fiction, Anyone?

No need to rub your eyes.

You read that right.

This romance author stepped out, just for a small bit, and wrote five science fiction stories. And I’m also working on the novel leading up to them.

Romance readers, don’t fret. More romance is coming! Including Ball Breaker and Icebreaker in the Unbreakable Series.

But if you’re like me, and love to explore other worlds from time to time, read on…

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About Braving Soteria: A Quantanauts Collection:

Multiple award-winning author Kat Bastion ventures into unexplored worlds with five original science fiction stories in… Braving Soteria: A Quantanauts Collection

The gaping maw of space and time yawns three meters directly above a trio of brave explorers. Pitch black and daunting. Cavernous and endless.



And the most significant phenomenon on planet Earth.

A last-ditch hope of saving humankind… from mass extinction.

Braving Soteria: A Quantanauts Collection includes…

From the Introduction:

What inspires a romance writer like me to veer into science fiction with five original stories?

Well, technically, my award-winning debut novel, Forged in Dreams and Magick, catapults a feisty Southern California heroine through time. So I actually began writing romance through a science fiction (fantasy) framework.

But, oh…

I possess a fierce love for science fiction and deep space, and have all my life.

Beginning with the original Star Trek series as a kid.


But then George Lucas gifted us with his original Star Wars trilogy. Which I watched with wide-eyed wonder as an eight-year-old in 1977. At the historic Cine Capri in Phoenix, Arizona.

Trivia Factoid: The Cine Capri played Star Wars for over a year, which ended up being the movie’s longest run in North America.

And as an early science geek, due to both of those influences, and many others, space discoveries have always fascinated me. Destructive black holes. Mesmerizing watercolor nebulas. Earth-threatening asteroids.

I’m still drawn to articles about deep space. Especially the periodic reassessing of all the things scientists don’t know. While our insatiable hunger for knowledge grows, inspiring us to push our boundaries and explore new worlds.

Later came the heart-pounding (and heartwarming) blockbuster Armageddon. With its ragtag team of oil drillers, drafted as Earth’s last hope against a giant asteroid threatening Earth.

Modern Star Trek movies further whet my appetite for space exploration, with fantastic actors and brilliant adventures as their courageous crew defied all odds to accomplish their missions.


What happens when Earth faces total destruction from an asteroid before our greatest minds formulate a viable defense plan?

What if no escape route exists… out there?

It’s not farfetched to imagine our space programs simply run out of time.

The dinosaurs got wiped out.

What makes us think we’re exempt?

In fact, one of Earth’s weapons in planetary defense, got completely destroyed in December 2020 when the telescope’s deteriorating instrument platform plummeted into the dish below, support towers, cables and all.

That massive radio telescope, Puerto Rico’s Arecibo Observatory, had been making space discoveries for almost sixty years. It had been made famous in the James Bond film Goldeneye and Jodie Foster’s Contact.

Arecibo had also determined the three-hundred-meter asteroid Apophis will get so close to Earth, it’s expected to fly between our outer communications satellites and the planet in 2029.

Talk about bullet burn!

Sooo… yeah.

With that wonderful foundation of science fiction fascination, my imagination exploded.

What if Earth can’t escape a planet-killer asteroid?

What would humankind do?

Who will step up to save our species from annihilation?

Grab your copy today to find out.

Five original stories, written specifically for this collection.

With great pleasure, I introduce you to the… Quantanauts in Braving Soteria: A Quantanauts Collection.

I hope you enjoy their stories…

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And after those five stories have whet your appetite for adventure into alternate realms, something to look forward to…

The Upcoming Novel

Where it all began…
The origin story of the Quantanauts.

Quantanauts Genesis on Goodreads

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And more than anything, we wish everyone continued safety and good health in 2021 and the decade to come.

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~ Kat & Stone


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